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A CONVENIENT TRUTH: Urban Solutions from Curitiba, Brazil (@ 2006)

Director Giovanni Vaz Del Bello

Producer Maria Terezinha Vaz



2007 Remi Award Winner!








DVD Price List


001 - 009 = $20.00 Each


010 - 019 =$18.00 Each
020 - 049 =$16.00 Each
050 - 099 =$14.00 Each
100 + =$12.00 Each

* Sales tax applies to all California purchases
* Plus shipping & handling
* Please send your order by fax, email, or mail
* Prices are subject to changes without notice


The DVDs sold through this website,, Green Planet Film, or Permaculture Magazine are for HOME viewing only. There are no screening rights to it.

If you are part of an university, government branch, or an individual who plans to organize any form of screening, (Private or public), please contact us before buying a copy of the film. We offer sliding scale rates; so anyone could afford to pay royalty fee. We'll also promote your event through our website.

Every person or organization should acquire written permission to screen this film. Any form of copying, duplicating, screening, and public exhibition without authorization will be considered violation of federal law.
 Thank you for understanding and contacting us if you do plan to have any form of screening before you buying a copy.


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